Space Funeral for Space Fan - Ashes Launched In Low Earth Orbit

spaceflight, cremains, launch, low earth orbit, ashtronaut, rocketWe provide a low cost alternative to sending cremated remains (cremains) aboard a rocket into outer space. For a limited time, and to the first 20 responses, you can send the cremains of a loved one or a space fan into a low Earth orbit, for approximately 90 days. Afterwards, their satellite will return to Earth as a spectacular meteor, truly ending in a flaming blaze of glory.

We are offering this package to the first 20 respondents for the incredible price of only $199. This offer is good from now until the end of 2009, or until the first 20 responses is exhausted. After which the cost will rise to $399.

All that is required of you is 1 gram of cremated remains of the potential 'ash-tronaut'. We in turn, will package the cremains into a container that will be loaded into a satellite that will be part of a payload scheduled to be launched near the end of 2010.

In return, you will receive a plaque, suitable for hanging on a wall, with the 'ash-tronaut's' name, birth and death years, date of launch, and photo of launch. In addition, you will receive a DVD of the launch and a memory page on the website, featuring a brief biography of the 'ash-tronaut'.

We expect these first 20 spots to go fast at this introductory rate. Act now to reserve your place on our first satellite launch.
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